A lover’s quarrel threatens the livelihood of an innocent flower. Flora is a surrealistic tragedy from the viewpoint of an inanimate object of affection. Directed by Conor Stratton, Written by Matthew Klein, Featuring Kelley Gates and Doug Harris.

Ghost Town

This neo-western features singer/songwriter Alyssa Robins uptempo and energetic style. “Ghost Town” premiered on XOJane.com and is featured on Alyssa’s third studio album, “Our Time Was Here We Just Forgot To Be,” available on iTunes. Co-Directed by Lauren McCune and Conor Stratton, Produced by Six Part Productions, Produced by Rebecca Jane Stokes, First Assistant Director was Matthew Klein, and Second Assistant Director was Josh Evans.



Written and Performed by Julia Weldon, “Meadow” is a sensual portrayal of obsession and passion. Premiering on AfterEllen.com, “Meadow” has gone on to be featured by numerous pop culture and music video websites. Directed and Edited by Conor Stratton with Lauren McCune and Six Part Productions producing.


Year of My Sign

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Strangers from different walks of life both searching for an extraterrestrial signal come together in this music video for The Stationary Set. “Year of My Sign” has been featured on Vevo and MTV.com, it is off of the EP “Lion” performed and produced by The Stationary Set. Featuring The Stationary Set, “Year of My Sign” was Co-Directed by Lauren McCune and Conor Stratton, produced by Six Part Productions, Assistant Directed by Matthew Klein.